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A customer that I have done work for before has asked me to do another engraved portrait of their pet bunny that just passed away. The challenge with this one is that the bunny is solid black in color. If I engraved the photo as I have with others in the past, I think it would be rather unappealing looking. Any suggestions on how I might edit this photo to have it print well?

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You might want to check out this thread:

You can also try the official Glowforge instructions.



That’s how I’ve prepared photos before, but the images I’ve dealt with weren’t solid black like this one.

Fundamentally for an engraving to be practical with the laser it needs to have a high dynamic range and high contrast.

This is a challenge here, your dynamic range in the bunny is almost nonexistent. I’d it were me I’d adjust the curves on this photo until it’s ridiculously over processed.

Then I’d try small test engraves as per usual
To dial an engraving in.


Yeah, I think a good engraving isn’t about striving for accuracy. You’ll need to apply creative manipulation to emphasize and bring out details that make it recognizable with the limited color palette of burning wood.


Take the color image, cut the bunny out of the image, then do an inverse (Xor) in Photoshop (Negative image) this will make the bunny white and provide some detail. Then Sharpen the image to enhance any details. try printing it that way…?


Oh yeah. I didn’t think of that idea. I’ll try that. Thanks!

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Even just a quick adjustment of luminosity and contrast gets you a lot more detail. That photo has a lot of great depth!



That’s awesome. Thanks!!

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