Need a wheel

I received a warranty replacement, refurbished unit less than two weeks ago. It was working fine until today. Suddenly it won’t cut all the way through material. Not even close. I took off the head to check and clean lenses and my wheel broke. I’m not sure if it was broken before or if it broke when I took the head off. Would a broken wheel cause it to not cut through? Does anyone have a wheel they could mail me? I emailed support but need one ASAP.

Posting here opens another support ticket. They will send a replacement to you.

If the wheel was broken, the mis-alignment could well have caused the issue with cutting thru.

Be sure to inspect all the wheels in the machine for damage would be my only suggestion if you have not done so already. You will have to wait for support to send you one, you may be able to arrange expedited shipping.

I didn’t know that but that’s fine anyway. I didn’t mention the wheel in my email to them because I didn’t notice it until the second time I went to check everything. Thank you.

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They have had a batch of bad wheels, but are well equipped to replace them. Just sucks when you need to use the machine…

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I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.

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