Need Acrylic for Ear Savers

Where can I buy acrylic sheets to fit the GF bed to make Ear Savers? The GF store is either sold out or has the wrong size sheets.


Same question here, in France.
What is the best type of Acrylic we can use ?

Search the forum for “acrylic source”, like this:

Works for most things, like hardwood source, leather source, plywood source, etc.


@jb.niel - France might be less discussed here. I know the UK users had several threads pre-brexit, I wonder if any of those sources were continental?


I purchased some sheets from Amazon, but wanted to see if there was a better less expensive source. I will be donating the Ear Savers so I want to be able to do the most good (plus I’m unemployed at the moment).

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White and fluorescent pink are still available in 1/8" 12x20" sheets. :slight_smile:

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I have used eStreet plastics in Texas when glowforge is out of stock.


Thank you.

i’ve adapted their sheet to a smaller size as well because that’s what i’m getting/cutting down from home depot. i got several 30x36 sheets of 0.093 optix clear acrylic. i cut them down to six 18x10 sheets. i can still get 60 nested clips on that sheet.

so if you have access to a big box hardware store, check and see if they have the thin cast or extruded acrylic in stock. the thinner sheets are easy to cut down by hand. you just need a utility knife and a table/counter edge. score at the size you want, position that sheet with the score up and lined up with the counter edge and bend the sheet until it snaps at the score. takes me just a few minutes to cut down a couple of 30x36 sheets into 12 18x10 sheets.


Any idea where glowforge has put the file for the ear saver? I would like to make some for my local peeps here in Texas…

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Refresh your Library the file is in there.

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Good idea, thanks.

Placed an order with them!

File is not in library for everyone yet, but you can download it here.

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It didn’t show up for me at first, but it did after I clicked View All.

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For those who have made these, are you taking off the masking before printing or leaving it on and removing it after?

I’m pulling the mask first. The residue wipes off with alcohol quicker than weeding. Extruded acrylic develops cracks when cleaned with alcohol, so it needs to be cast acrylic like the proofgrade.

I am also ignoring the text and score to reduce print time.

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Excellent, thank you. Luckily I have several sheets of proofgrade on hand.


Here is my first batch.


Help please. I placed an order with eStreet because GF was out of stock. The sheets are not as large so the full sheet of ear savers is not fitting. I’m trying (due to lack of knowledge) to delete the part that is too long anchor point by anchor point.

Do you have a saved SVG made for that size of acrylic 11.75x19" for the ear savers that are all attached together? I would really appreciate it.

I have one, I’ll upload it when I go upstairs in a few minutes. I think it has 68 of them instead of 77 or whatever the full sheet has.