Need adjustment to tissue box holder SVG file please

Newbie here! I purchased an svg file for a tissue box holder but the measurements are smaller than the actual square type tissue box. How do I adjust for the bigger size and make the cuts fit exactly? This will be my 3rd cut and using Inkscape only once - for the gift tag. Any help is greatly appreciated!

File I believe the svg file is for a 4.75 x 4.75 box but my measurements for actual tissue box are as follows:

5.0 H x 4 1/2W for sides
4 3/8 x 4 1/2 top/bottom


What were the measurements listed by the seller?

And you should take down this file, I’m on my iPad but it looks like anyone could download it. :frowning:

Measurements in svg file or what shows up on Inkscape is 3.579 W x 3.86 H so smaller than an actual tissue box. I removed file…not sure how that happened.

If you opened it and then saved it from Inkscape, it could have changed the dimensions. I can usually avoid this by always changing the artboard to 20x12 before saving.

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I’m a little uncertain. Are you trying to change the dimensions from what the seller said it would be, so it will fit the Kleenex box you bought? Or is the issue the file size is different from what the seller said?

Open this up and see if this is the size you need. Resize according to this. That may help.


It’s actually both. The dimensions on Inkscape are different from what seller posted. And both those measurements don’t match the actual size of the square type tissue box. I just want the file to adjust accordingly so that the cuts fit (like a puzzle).

I tried that and the wrong dimensions still came up. Any other ideas?

Hmmmm, I do have a generic box of which I thought it was a standard size for all. I will look into that and life will be much easier. Whew! Thank you so much!

My only other suggestion is to take the measurements of the file, divide by the measurements you want, and get what percentage you need to increase/decrease by. In inkscape you can go to the transform tab, check the 'scale proportionally box and enter the percentage you calculated. The problem you will run into with this method is that it will also change the dimensions of your finger joint tabs.


Welcome to our community, Lani. This is a very complex thing to learn. It took me months and months to just understand the concept and then after that, it took a very long time before I was able to actually make something successful using kerf. It took me lots and lots of testing. Trying to resize a design that was made using a concept that you don’t understand nor have tried utilizing yourself first is sort of a recipe for failure. We all want to see you succeed and see the wonderful things you will make…hopefully many of them with finger joints. It would be exceedingly difficult for us to give you a crash course in this, so I hope you’ll take the time to do lots of reading and lots of experimenting. It’s a very worthwhile cause. Best of luck…and most of all, enjoy the journey!


Inkscape has a known issue when importing some SVGs - everything I open that was made in AI comes in sized wrong.

I realise this ISN’T what you want to hear, but this will help you out overall and in the long run.

These two websites make SVG’s for boxes the top one is in metric the bottom is in inches.
what your looking for is a 5 sided box with a hole cut out on top. Play with these sites and have fun with it.

I made a bunch of these with engraved sides and made $40 per box.

I sincerely hope you have fun with it. because if it isn’t fun why bother?


I had forgotten I had made a video about this.


Using inkscape you could do this:
Make a rectangle the exact size you want one of the tissue box parts to be. Maybe the bottom for example. Make the rectangle the same size as your required inside dimensions. Select all of the tissue box parts and group them. Then with the shift and control buttons held, resize all the pieces until the bottom is the same size as your reference rectangle. You will have to keep moving your reference piece around and checking to see of you have the sizes correct. Whenever you’re happy, delete the reference and save the grouped parts.

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