Need advice for what kind of wood to buy

So I’ve had my Glowforge about 8 months now, and I love it. The only thing is the only wood I’m using where it cuts nicely is baltic birch. What kinds of wood works well? I bought some stuff at Lowe’s or Home Deport or something, and the laser doesn’t cut it well, and when it does, I end up burning the edges. Does anyone have any recommendations (bonus points if you’ll let me know which settings work best!)? Also, where do you get your wood with the best bang for your buck? I like baltic birch, but I was hoping to find a thin wood with more visible wood grain. Thank you!
PS If this kind of post isn’t allowed, I’m sorry-I didn’t know. And if any of these questions seems silly, Im still a newbie!

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Quarter inch plywood does not generally have exacting standards except that made in Finland where they are very strict. Than is why Baltic Birch works so much better. There is also a material called “Revolution Plywood” that works ok and is about the least expensive and I found it at Lowes.
“Columbia Forest” also is a reasonable brand though a step down in issues.

In hobby and craft stores mostly you can find Revell woods that I generally have no problems with except their "Mahogany"is exceptionally flammable and hard to cut for that reason.

Beyond that I would look to solid wood and there are many good places all over for that a search of “wood sources” would teach a lot.

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Hey welcome, always nice to see new faces.

The good news is that this question has been asked a million times, so the answers are already here.

Definitely read the forum as much as you can stand it, it’s time well spent.