Need assistance with engraving a sign

I would like to engrave on BB. I would like to know how to make the inside of the not to be engraved. I’m not sure how to do this. I copied this file to me business edition on silhouette edition. I friend sent me this picture & would like this made into coasters. Feedback on the best way to make this into coaster would be great. I’m new to this part of using my Glow Forge.


So I would invert the image to achieve what you want to do, you can do this in any free image program or you can use the stamper inversion option in the Glowforge app


How do I invert the image?

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I got it thank you.

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In the design app of your choice, choose the option to invert the colors.

A bitmap/raster editing tool would be most appropriate, but even 2D vector apps like Inkscape will do this as well.

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