Need customer service support!

I have had issues with my GlowForge from the very beginning and my GlowForge warranty is running going to run out next week. Quite frankly I am sick of having customer service representatives switching every single email and waiting a whole day just to get one reply. We have been running tests after tests that never solves my many issues with my machine. I’ve gotten the yellow/orange button, laser cut quality not cutting through like it used to (3 passes wont cut through now, 2 passes used to work), air assist fan issues, glowforge head trying to move outside the machine creating a loud thumping sound, head not found… just to name a few. Every time I email back I get a new customer service representative that asks for me to cut out again a gift of good measure or take photos of the lenses. I mean… I’ve done it so many times but this does not solve my issues.

Can someone connect me to a manager? Or even a phone number I can call? Im sick of having to reply to these customer service representative who changes every reply and also responds to my emails at like midnight everyday (outsourced workers).

Nope, we don’t have any magic access to managers. (That would be fun and rather chaotic if we did.) :smile:

But, the Glowforge support team is testing a new Live Chat service…details here:


Are you replying to their previous message when you email, or starting a new email? If the latter, you open a new support ticket each time, which would explain them starting over from scratch. (Note: By posting here you’ve also opened a new support ticket, so they’ll be along soon.)

Hey thanks for replying. Its the same email and after 2-3 email they say that their coworker is unavailable and that they are now taking ever. Its been very frustrating as my warranty is ending soon and I only get 1 reply every 2 days.

I’m sure that since your issue is in-process they’ll take that into account when dealing with your warranty.


Good morning! This is Derrick here and reached out to you via the ticket that you have open with Support. At this time I’ll go ahead and close this thread forum post and looking forward to hearing from you in the ticket itself.

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