Need Feature: Down For Maintenance

Got caught the other night when the API was down for maintenance.
I had a design approaching being complex, so the first two times I tried to load and it timed out I figured I needed to examine the file.
Then I got smart and tried a simple, previous design, and it also timed out.
Then I got even smarter, and checked:

Okie dokie, the system was down for cleaning, upgrades, etc. Happens all the time on the Internet. I have no problems with that.

What I am wondering though, is how hard would it be to shanghai the upload during this down time and flag a different response box for your browser than ‘Timed Out’ with a nudge to check your work.
Could even be as mundane as DOWN FOR MAINTENANCE response.

A minor setback, but it would have saved me staring at my design as much as I did if I got pointed to the StatusPage sooner.


I’ve been luck as too not have run into this yet, but I agree that something like this would be nice to have and would be so much less frustrating for people.

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Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll make sure the team gets them. I’m so sorry for the trouble.