Need Help fast

I haven’t used my glowforge in almost 6 months and now Christmas is here tiring to do some projects and when I power the machine up the light, and everything comes on you cand here it trying to focus but the machine itself isn’t moving. not only that when I open my dashboard it keeps telling me I’m offline. I did reconnect I work for maybe 2 minutes and went right back to offline.

Please help me.

There could be changes with either the internet company or your wifi or even your neighbors’ wifi environment. microwave oven, etc. The Glowforge is picky and in my case the company changed their system, and suddenly only the GF did not work.


If the machine does not move after power-on, it has no internet connection, plain and simple.

Most wifi routers have the ability to scan for the “cleanest” channel, suggest you try that. You could also try just repeating the wifi setup process.


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