Need help getting my glowforge maintenanced in Fairfield CT -anyone?

Hi my glowforge friends. Do you know anyone in Fairfield County, CT who could help me get my Glowforge running in tip top shape again? When I send to print, the output is consistently skewed outside my intended placement, and it keeps getting stuck on centering and scanning functions. I’ve done a few things to troubleshoot the issues, but I’m at the point where I’d rather not waste more time figuring it out. I’d prefer to pay a knowledgeable local expert to fix it if possible. Any leads would be greatly appreciated.

Would be nice, but unfortunately there are no official Glowforge techs/repair people out in the world. The people here on the forum though have years of knowledge at their fingertips. If you want to pose a few pertinent questions to the community, we’re a helpful bunch.


If you have not done a calibration then you can get the system done here…

Then before final placement, you need the Set Focus tool to have the image of your design align correctly so you can place it correctly.
If the centering and scanning functions are having trouble the camera needs to see the top of the head with the logo. Just be sure that you only use the lens wipes where the lenses are and not on the cables and connections going to them. Some folks have messed up that cable by “cleaning” it too throughly.


Thank you for the reply. I’ll attempt a few more troubleshooting fixes so I can better articulate the problems to the glowforge community.

Thank you for the info and link. Really appreciate it! I’ll give this a try today.

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