Need Help How do I separate individual pieces of a template too big for the glowforge bed?

I have an svg file that is way too big for the bed of the glowforge. I have been trying with no success to make the individual pieces separate so that I can cut them 1 or 2 at a time. I have tried everything I know… which isn’t much. I need help! Tried to upload the file here but that did not work either.

Try this: (173.7 KB)

Try Zipping the file first before you upload it here. (Otherwise the Forum can mess it up.)

It’s just showing as big black rectangles for me, but the general “rules” for how GF decides what objects are separate or the same are these:

  1. If one object completely encloses another object, they are both part of the same object.

  2. If two objects are different colors, they are different objects.

#1 trumps #2.

Hope that helps! (1.6 MB) (651.6 KB) (654.8 KB) (652.3 KB) (652.7 KB) (650.5 KB) (652.0 KB) (653.3 KB) (648.3 KB) (681.4 KB)

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Your cat is very large and will take 10 19x11 sheets to make at present size. I put the parts on 10 different files.
I hope you can open the ai files because the svg files do not appear to have uploaded.
If you resize, remember you will need to resize the slots to be the thickness of the wood or acrylic you are using. This is set for 3mm material.


Cat full size for (1.1 MB)


Appreciate the help I was able to download the ai files but cannot change them into svg files.

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done. Does this help?

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Yeah, @nancielaing had already split it up for you into separate files above. If you need to turn them into SVG files, there is a tutorial here that tells you how to save files as SVG for whatever software you are using.

Open each individual file, then save it as an SVG. (You might also need to get rid of a few clipping paths in there, before you save it.)


Please share pictures if you make this. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Unfortunately Support can’t help you with your specific design, so I’ve moved your thread to the Tips and Tricks forum.

Still could not change the ai to svg format. The ai would not open in inkscape and the instructions are over my head. :frowning:

Okay, hold on…

Can the svg files that I uploaded be split as was done with the ai files? I cannot seem to convert the ai files. (173.7 KB)

Try these: (118.3 KB)

And in answer to the original question, in Inkscape you will open the original file, and copy the parts into individual files that have been set up to be 19.5 " x 11". The parts that will fit on an artboard that size will fit into the Glowforge bed. Then you save them as an SVG from Inkscape, using the Plain SVG setting.


You should be able to open .ai files with Inkscape.

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Thanks so much. That worked great. All parts are now cut and ready to assemble.


I would love to see a picture when its done…

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I will send one when it is done. Took some time to figure out how it went together. The instructions weren’t the best. It is together but not glued yet or painted.

See photos attached. Unfinished and painted!