Need help no starter pack?

I just received my glowforge and left work early to get it all setup. I open the little box and it says power cord and starter pack below. THERES NO STARTER PACK!! The power cord Is there, but nothing else. I’m so disappointed right now :frowning: Has setup guide and everything in one location.

here is direct link to setup guide:

Doesnt it come with starter material though? Like no supplies came it. I thought it came with sample material

I just read that it does come with $75 worth of material and I didnt get any of that. I’ve emailed them already. This is so disappointing

In the US, the Proofgrade starter pack is shipped separately by a company called Moduslink in Tennessee. Usually arrives within a day or two of the GF.

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Ok thanks. Are we supposed to get a separate tracking # for it? The box said starter pack below so it’s kind of confusing. This is such a tease lol

The email shows it should be in my box and the box says it’s supposed to be in there. I’m at a loss…

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Not sure how they are handling the shipping out now, but yeah the starter pack comes in a separate mailing and if you have signed up for UPSMyChoice you should get a separate tracking for it.

Don’t freak out just yet…it’s easy to forget to update emails when they change how they handle things. :smile:

I’ve never seen the materials come inside the main boxes - always a separate mailing so far. (And usually, the materials arrive before the unit.)

Did that box contain the crumb tray? If you didn’t receive a crumb tray in it, that’s something they need to move on…you will have a hard time getting started without it.

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oh I see what you’re saying now, yea mine came in a tiny box, I didn’t know they still did free materials still, I thought that was just for founders. My bad, I misunderstood. It came in a third box for me.

The crumb tray was in there. It says on the email that the starter pack and power cord will be below the crumb tray. Only the power cord was in there

Proof grade materials per email and box state it’s supposed to be under the crumb tray

You’ve done the right thing by contacting them, now you can just wait to hear back.

And if they are supposed to be in there now and just weren’t loaded, they’ll get you fixed up with a starter pack.

I didn’t get my starter pack today either. Sad panda!! I referenced your post in my email to support as well.

The most ultimate tease. So sad. Not even sure what i could buy at home depot that is safe to use for it

ceramic tiles, walnut/oak/maple/poplar thin solid wood “hobby boards”, bamboo cutting boards.

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Birch plywood 1/8" thick. (You might have to cut it down but it works very well as a starter material.)

Most hardware stores sell plexiglass which is nothing more than extruded acrylic. (Go for 1/8" thickness as opposed to 1/4", and be aware…extruded acrylic absolutely reeks when you cut it. Cast acrylic like the Proofgrade stuff will smell a whole lot less.)

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You can usually find 1/4" oak and poplar solid boards that you might have to go through carefully to avoid knots etc. Be sure to avoid solid mahogany as though it looks pretty can burn easily even with a lot of experience.

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Have no fear. I’ve been using a GF since April and only twice used PG materials, and that was in the last month or so. Take some time to browse the forum… SO many ideas for things to cut, plus help with settings, design, etc. Heck, you can cut the carboard your tray came in (carefully, without looking away, since cardboard likes to burn).

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