Need help rescaling a design please?

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@Jules, you mentioned resizing the slots using the offset path? Is this in Illustrator? I have Adobe illustrator and have a design that I accidentally purchased for a thicker material. Is there a way I can rescale it so it will work on my 1/8" maple hardwood? Any help from the community would be much appreciated!

Not quite that easy, I was a beginner then and thought I knew a lot more than I actually did. :smile:

…It really depends on the design itself, because you just want to change one dimension on the slot …the one that corresponds to the thickness measurement of the wood.

So…long story very short…use Offset Path on the slot in question, (Object > Path > Offset Path), make the result a different color (red) so you can clean it up later easily, then lock that resultant, and use the Direct Selection Tool (A) to drag the two affected sides of the slot to match the red offset.

Once you’ve fixed the slots you can either Ignore the red stroke lines or use Color Selection to capture them all at once and delete them.

It’s a good exercise and not terribly difficult if there aren’t too many slots to fix.

Outside finger slots shouldn’t matter, you really just need to fix the interior slots.


Thank you so much for the reply. I will see if I can modify the file with your direstions! :grinning: Thanks again for the help, @Jules.

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