Need Help with Machine Cutting Off

Having issues with my machines and looking for insight as to what to do.

A few days ago both machines threw an error message saying HEAD NOT FOUND. Im religious with cleaning both machines, but gave them both a good cleaning when that error popped up. All was good until today on one of my machines. I did not get any sort of error message but you can see in the attached photo what the issue is. The images are cutting over each other even though this is not the way the design is laid out.
Fans have been cleaned, belt checked, connection of belt checked, lenses cleaned, air assist fan cleaned as well. The carriage is not bumping into anything while cutting. Any insught or ideas of what I should do? Thanks for your help!

There is something stopping the head from moving. A loose belt, a cracked wheel, a piece of junk on the belt, or something on the bed high enough for the vent towards the back of the carriage to hit.
If only once in a cut that raises suspicion that the carriage is hitting something. You can see how much lower that fan is from the rest of the carriage…


With the machine off, remove the honeycomb tray and open the front door. Look closely under the carriage as you move it forward and back. Can you see a cable catching on anything? Move the printhead left to right while watching from underneath. Anything unusual?


Thank you so much! It turns out it was the belt. Appreciate the help! Back to work now :slight_smile:


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