Need Help With Updates

I’m hoping that someone can provide some answers to a couple questions.

2021 Glowforge Pro

A few days ago, upon logging on I noticed that most of my saved manual settings had changed by 1 on the speed. For example, 800 was changed to 799. I didn’t think much of it, just assumed an update went through and didn’t think a change of 1 on speed would make much of a difference. I hit print and when I walked by the machine noticed it was running much faster.

A quick search uncovered there is a new update being pushed out to increase the speed. Good news, right?!

However, I’m running into a couple issues.

1 - The saved settings were too hot. Printing on silicone, it was melting the material. I had to increase the speed by 200 to get it back to baseline. (I have thousands of prints on this one material so I’m confident in what the output should be)

2 - It will not let me save any speed above 999. Given the experience with the silicone in issue 1, I changed the setting up 200 on another saved setting. It will not save. I tried starting a new manual setting and it will still not save anything above 999. (Trying to save: 1200 - Full - 675).

I do not have the teal speedometer like mentioned in the release notes. So I’m not even 100% sure I have the update.

Any thoughts?

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Sadly you are not the only one having these issues. Please reach out to actual Support and submit this as a report.
They have phone, email, and Discord now. M-F 8am-3pm Pacific 7 days a week.

The saved settings is definitely new. I hadn’t tried saving anything, but I’m betting the top speed was hard coded in :-/


Thanks, I will give them a call and see what I can find out.

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