Need replacement lens

I’m so discouraged. I was cleaning my lens out of the printer head just now and accidentally dropped it. I just spend $6k on this machine, and when I went to order a replacement, it said sold out. I’ve had the machine about a month now, and when I ordered more Wood, it took 3 weeks to get, with only automated responses from GF on when it would be shipped. The company never gave an ETA or anything, and it just showed up one day. I’ve seen other posts in regards to this same situation with the lens. I’m typically not a negative person, or a person to rant, but I just wouldnt expect this type of service from a company that sells such an expensive item. Does anyone have any input, positive, on if I have any other options than to just click on notify me when it’s back in stock and just sit and wait again. It’s my fault for dropping it, I own that, I just wasnt expecting to have to go through OUT OF STOCK again and lack of customer service. Just really discouraged and frustrated, as this will have a huge impact on my business :frowning:

pretty much just set up the notify…
The components cycle pretty quickly as they’re in demand, I don’t think they’re usually out of stock for very long.

Your best bet would be to get spares ready to go should you need it, especially if you’re using the machine for your business. I can’t say what other items are common to need replacements, but lenses are to be expected to need replacement every so often (this coming from my knowledge of industrial laser cutters). Other power users might have a better handle on the parts they’ve needed to replace as part of regular maintenance.

I agree with you that the communication could be much better.

I also guess it depends on the day with the proofgrade shipping too. I recently ordered some and everything shipped right away and I actually got notifications of shipping with tracking information. I’ll admit I was a bit surprised.

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Thanks. With the PG material, I put in the notification and got an email the next day saying Good News, we have more in stock. It was 3 weeks later before I received it, with multiple emails to ask about ETA, and only auto responses or “We’ll check on it”. I truly love my machine, but have been in Sales/Customer Service roles my entire career and am concerned about the company from a backing standpoint if they continue to severely lack in service as I have started to read on, and experience. I really hope they get it figured out, as it appears it’s been an issue for quite some time now. I agree on the spare parts, I will order a couple. Thank you for responding.

Well, there is a pandemic on right now. Perhaps that plays a role. It is tough to wait but hey we can buy toilet paper again!

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I’m so sorry for the frustrating start with your new Glowforge. I see that you’ve emailed us about this, and I’ve responded to you there with next steps, so I’m going to close this thread.