Need some EVA foam?


I’m not shilling for Harbor Freight, but they happen to have EVA foam on sale right now (5/15) – 16 sq feet for $7…

This coupon is for illustrative purposes only, of course… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Would this be laser safe!!? :smiley:


EVA foam seems to be safe. I’ve only cut thin craft sheets so far, but plan on using this for some tool & equipment boxes…


Okay cool. Thats what I thought, but its good to check! Haha.


EVA is definitely laser safe. We use it all the time. 6.99 is a fairly good price for the harbor freight stuff. Keep in mind however, that a lot of times the foam pieces in the harbor freight packs are different thicknesses. Sometimes that’s not a big deal, but if you’re working on a large multi-piece project it might be an issue.

If you need consistent, high quality, non pattern covered foam, TNT cosplay supply is a great source.


But it sure is “super”! Ha!


Recently cut some for my clock shipping inserts…cuts like butter!!

I got this at Walmart since it was something I couod go pick up right away .

Cut out a hole for the clock mechanism and wall bracer.

Clock fits snug and spacers on side keep it in place.


Heading to the big city tomorrow and will do a Harbor Freight run!


Nice looking out, I looked right over that coupon on my mailer!


This forum really fuels my hoarding tendencies … I’m sure we have some really old camping mats lying around somewhere … ETA: although I’m not sure how to find out what they’re made of and I hesitate to put unknown materials in a laser.