Need testers: TabGen (Fusion 360 Plug-in) improvements

Actually, before you threw me off by finding a bug, I started looking at what it would take to use the design units as the standard. :crazy_face:


I’ve even started switching all of my tape measures, rulers and scales on my tools to metric. When I’m actually able to do any kind of woodworking in my “shop,” I’m using metric about 80% of the time.


Can you enter X * 25.4? It is how I write my OpenSCAD values when I need to admit to myself I live in a country never conquered by Napoleon. It tells me the inches and converts to mm at the same time.

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In Fusion360 you don’t even have to do that, just enter it in any form you want and add in or mm, even ft

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I think there is only one place in the code that I made the assumption that the units were centimeters. I just need to figure out if there are any challenges to changing that assumption.

Okay, that just cries out for an explanation. Not millimeters? :grin:

F360 has centimeters as the default behind the scenes, even if you specify other units in the GUI, I believe, so that’s what I assumed.

Huh. Who’da think.

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I try not to think. It hurts too much.


@Jules , @markevans36301, and anyone else that would like to test:

Here is an update that (I hope) resolves the most recent failures. If this still fails for you when Start with Tab is disabled, please try it again with Disable Parametric checked, to verify that the bug occurs when F360 recalculates parameters.

I noticed there is a performance penalty caused by renaming of parameters, which only seems to get worse as the model expands, so I no longer rename model parameters that are updated by TabGen. This will make it a little more difficult for you to make sense of the formulas, to modify them yourself, but there should be no need for you to do that, if everything is working correctly.

TabGen v0.43-alpha


This looks amazing, downloading and installing now :smiley:

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Here’s an update specifically for @markevans36301. You should now be able to use non-metric units. The add-in will attempt to use the units that are configured in the design. In other words, if your default units are imperial, or you have changed the units in the current design to imperial, you should now be able to use imperial units. Too, you should also be able to mix and match units of different types, but I have not had a chance to test in any great detail.

TabGen v0.45-alpha

  • TabGen-0.43-alpha

  • Still generated the tabs though :slight_smile:

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Do you happen to know what settings you used for this?

How do I find out? I just went with the defaults other than my X, Y and Z sizes

In the timeline it turned into a feature so I can’t get that dialog back

Can you get a screenshot of the parameters dialog with everything expanded?

This is on a new part because I couldn’t get the old dialog back

Thanks. That’s helpful. This was apparently a bug that I already fixed in v0.45.

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Cool, will update with the new one, keep playing with it and report back

Great work!

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Here’s another quick update:

TabGen v0.46-alpha

I modified the dialog to automatically select the secondary face when placement is set to Dual Edge. This makes the workflow just a tad bit quicker and less tedious (especially when you’re testing the add-in over and over and over again).