Need to know where my pg oder is

I put a order in of pg last week, you sent me a FedEx number FedEx indicated that you canceled that shipment. I have sent three emaila to the support email with no replies. The material is urgently needed at this point has I have a commision for near 100 party favors that has a event date of this sat 8/24. With the bogus tracking number I have no idea what the status of material is as well as lack of reply on support emails. The FedEx app also shows this canceled tracking number as the only one destined for my house

Staff will have to review this as well as all the emails you sent in order to verify they are duplicate matters and that will slow them down

With such a short turnaround you’re probably going to want to get product elsewhere

To get the quickest response use the chat function (bottom of the main page) - if it says “Chat” someone will answer immediately, if it says “Contact Us” they’re not available and it’ll just send another email (don’t do that)

I can’t reply cuz the topic was closed - but for woodworking supplies in Western MA/CT
Woodcraft in West Springfield, Hartford, and Norwalk
Wurth Baer Supply in Milford and Albany
There are local stores too, but I haven’t lived there in long enough to know whether they’re any good!

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A week and a half is not short turn around and replying to the same email I sent them should also not make duplicates. And my original inquiry still stands the first email has gone Un answered

I think she was referring to your need to have something for this Saturday the 24th. Even if they get back to you tonight, you’re not likely to see the shipment in time to do your 100 party favors. That’s why @deirdrebeth recommended finding some other local source for whatever material you need, PG ain’t gonna make it in time.


Ya I don’t know of any alternatives in westernmas western CT do you

I’m so sorry for the mix up. Your tracking has been updated and your package is scheduled for delivery by end of day Thursday.

I’ve replied to your email with the tracking details, so I’m going to close this thread. If you have any other questions, please feel free to start a new topic.