Needed Feature: Enable/Disable Button for Scaling

I often have to do large batches of items. Many times these items have to have exact measurements.

On a number of occasions I have gone to run these items and needed to reposition them, and somehow resized them ever so slightly accidentally, and it went unnoticed. A few hours later when the job is done, out pops a few dozen unusable pieces.

Can we have a button to turn on resizing for items that is off by default? That would save me a lot of trouble and material.


I would LOVE this.


While I’ve gotten pretty good about moving stuff without resizing it I too would love to see this!


I try never to move stuff with the mouse - too often resize it accidentally. Instead once I get the selection it’s the arrows/shift-arrow keys.


This would be very helpful as it is so easy to resize inadvertently. Moving with the mouse is faster for me, but I use the arrow keys to avoid accidental resizing.


I do the same, except sometimes to fit everything I have to rotate some stuff. I think this is when my likelihood of scaling is highest


I have run into this problem occasionally but double check the scale at the top particularly with many one that is off should be seen. When that happens I undo if it was the last one or delete the sized one and copy paste one of the correct size.


Didn’t realize how much I needed this until just now.

I have only ever found one use for the built-in scaling tools: making cut lines to chop up scrap pieces. Since you cannot specify size, or do non-proportional scaling, I find the provided feature almost completely useless.

Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll make sure the team gets them.

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