Needing help with my machine

i am getting error message camera cannot take picture, i have cleaned all the lenses as shown in a video i watched and cleaned the tray , ordered a new black lid cable and put that in already and still not working, anyone have any further suggestions or ideas on how to get t his fixed

Welcome to the community - sorry your first time here is for a problem!

Hopefully you’ve also reached out to actual Support. They’ve got a phone number now, M-F until 3pm Pacific, or email always works but it slower.

Sometimes the tiny gold connector pins get stuck or dirty. Did you check those when you replaced? If no, check them (with the machine off!) If you’re not sure you can take a closeup picture and post it here and one of us can take a look.

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Welcome to the forum. Here’s their phone number; +1-855-338-2122

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There is a camera in the lid that needs to work. If it is disconnected or dirty it will give that error. If the top of the head is dirty the camera may have trouble seeing it.

Sometimes it thinks the head should be under the camera when it is not. With the Glowforge turned off you can move the head directly under the camera and turn the machine on.

A super bright light (or the sun) shining on the machine has been known to be a problem.