Needs Calibrating

I received my Glowforge Pro last week and was excited to get it working. The setup was easy and off we were printing. I successfully printed four things but on the fifth print, the Glowforge stopped at the end of the print and the button was an amber color. The message was “Sorry - we’re having trouble calibrating. Try turning your Glowforge off and on. If that does not work, contact” I have power cycled several times. I have setup wifi again and have checked that the machine is connected and is communicating with Glowforge (I’m an IT guy). My mac can control the camera on refresh in the interface so it is accessible. When I reboot the Glowforge, it clicks a few times and the the button goes solid white then immediately solid amber. I have reseated the printhead, check the pins on the ribbon cable and reseated it. I have also repositioned the printhead under the camera. Nothing helps this problem. Any more suggestions?

The yellow light condition happens when the unit pauses for things like cool down or warm up as well. There should be a little message under the Print button on the app if that is the case - it’s something to check.

If you do get a temperature message, you can direct a fan at the right side of the machine to speed up the cool down pause. Otherwise, you just need to wait until it stabilizes.

If communication with the printer has been interrupted though, you can reset it by holding down the Start Print button for ten seconds until it turns teal, then turning off the machine, move the print head (slowly) underneath the lid camera, and then turning the machine back on.

Let it finish running through the startup calibration, even if it takes fifteen minutes…it might be loading an update. Then you can set up a print. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks @Jules. I did all the things you suggested before. The Glowforge set overnight and I have a Thermometer that read all parts of the Glowforge at 72 degrees this morning which was room temperature. I have moved the printhead to the lid camera position and nothing happens other than the clicking sound and then immediately solid white, then solid amber. I can refresh the camera from the client and it shows the inside of the Glowforge. I also have tools on my Mac that shows that the Glowforge is communicating with,, Google HTTPS,, and So I’m sure the wifi is working and the Glowforge is connected to the cloud. I also let it sit on for over an hour with the amber light on and power cycled it with the same results. Thanks anyway.

Did you hold down the Print button for ten seconds until it turned teal? That’s what reboots it. (You have to do that first.)

That process doesn’t ‘reboot’ the device, it just runs the WiFi set up process, which would likely not do much here.

If he can see that the device is connected to the cloud (he can see the image refresh in the GFUI), then the WiFi set up process probably won’t help.

The amber light usually indicates a temperature problem. If the room is at the temp you say, then you’re probably going to have to wait on support to tell you what the device is reporting to them (that’s done over a continuous stream to, which you have indicated your device appears to have a solid connection to).


I did do the WiFi setup again by pressing the button for 10 seconds earlier. I know the glowforge is communicating on the web.

Okay just checking. Hopefully support will get back to you soon with the answer. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for letting us know about this @chetguess. We’re investigating and will reach out with more soon!

Thanks for your patience. Unfortunately, I’ve found that your unit has a problem we can’t solve remotely. I suggest we proceed with a warranty replacement. I’ll be in touch via email to sort out the details.

I’m so sorry for the bad news.