Needs Calibration message, nothing happening

We got our machine yesterday, Pro version, unboxed and switched on, connected to wifi, heard some movement in the machine then it turned off by itself. I left it alone then started up this morning and have spent all day trying to calibrate with no luck. The machine is connected to wifi. I get a message telling me to turn the machine off then back on and the app shows that it is calibrating but loses its connection to wifi.

A good place to start is with the wifi troubleshooting guide at

Can’t wait to see what you make!

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My WiFi isn’t the issue, turning the machine off and on loses the WiFi connection. Do I need to go thru the “WiFi setup” process every time the machine is switched on?

The only thing I know for sure is, no it connects to wifi once and if successful should connect every time automatically on power up. I connected once 8 months ago and haven’t had to worry about wifi since. Been rock solid.

Of course since we aren’t sitting with you and don’t have access to system status like Support does, can’t say whether you have made that 1st connection successfully. Though the machine should never turn off by itself.


Hmm… That’s beyond my understanding.:thinking:

As @rpegg stated, you should not have to reconnect the wifi every time you power on your GF.

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Very true as it’s a real switch and not a software programable one. UPS probably dropped it enough to break something. My first one wouldnt turn off like yours but it never completed calibration.

Hope there’s a quick fix for ya but it’ll probably get swapped out.


If you happen to have more than one network…which switches around automatically like mine does on occasion, just make sure the GF is connected to 2GEXT and not a 5GEXT. The reason I know about this is when mine switches over, my GF does not like it at all and will scan eternally.


I plugged the machine into the wall instead of the UPS, turned it on this morning and off it went, calibrated in 10 seconds and now am printing the founders ruler. I’m not sure what difference that made but not complaining. Thanks for the support fellow Forgers!


Great! Now that the knot in the pit of your stomach is gone, enjoy the ride!

Mine also turned itself off once. It wasn’t until I unplugged it (checking the outlet with another device to be sure power was still there) and plugged it back in that it would turn on. Never happened again.

I’ve had both the XBox One and PS4 refuse to turn on after a brief power drop. Switch mode power supplies sometimes have to be completely disconnected from power for a certain amount of time before their internal protections reset.

Congrats on printing though…mine is heading back to HQ.

This could be related to the :glowforge: requiring sine-wave power signals. Years back I asked about UPSs with faked sine-wave power frequencies and @dan answered with unknown as it was untested. Might check into what your UPS is outputting.

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Jumping on @txsughroue’s thread here (he’s my dad and we share a Glowforge Pro) – we’ve had the same issue regarding the calibration loop that others have experienced as well.

I’ve come across a number of threads dated back to earlier this summer regarding the issue we’re currently having - each time we turn on the Glowforge we are stuck in a calibration loop where it states it’s calibrating per our user portal in the web browser, but nothing actually happens.

We’ve tried turning if off and back on, logging out of our user portal, moving the head, using a different outlet, logging on via different web browsers, verifying a strong wifi connection, and all of the other available ideas in the forum.

Anyone else have any other ideas for getting the calibration going?

You will want to create a separate thread in the Problems and Support category to make sure that support staff sees your problem and starts a ticket for it. They might miss it here if they have already reviewed this thread, but they always see new topics.


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Has this happened again after the successful print yesterday?

Correct - we were unable to ever successfully calibrate and subsequently print again.

For sure - I submitted a ticket yesterday as well. Thanks!

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I have started a new thread, “Calibrating for an hour now”.

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