Neighbor swag


I showed a good friend and neighbor the Glowforge, and he asked if it could do his favorite teams logos on coasters.
While you wait.

The spokes on the Bruin’s logo were yellow and engraved at a different power by default.
Edit; with a PNG file.
Nothing but awesome from this machine. :sunglasses:

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending April 22nd, 2017

Yep! Awesome nails it! :sunglasses:


So COOL! And I love the emphasis on “while you wait”–so true. This changes everything!


Nice job! I’m confused though, aren’t these everyone’s favorite teams? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Nice. Having some quick hits like this are great when you’re showing off the GF to friends.


Yes! The coasters are great for that. :+1:


Looks great! What type of wood is this? On the Makerspace laser I struggle with getting the wood this dark on an engrave. I feel like the forge does this amazingly well and very crisply! Also nice to know it will adjust the level of power on color images not just black and white!


Thank you!
It is Proofgrade maple hardwood done at the 3rd darkest setting.
Yes, I was pleasantly surprised to see the different shades for colors! Got this big stupid grin on my face as I watched it manifest.


This makes me super interested to see their interface/software now! BTW I was MIA for a while… CONGRATS on getting your Beta!!


Very nice! The rest of your neighbors will be envious!


Very nice! This is a very exciting application of this tool! Apparently your neighbor isn’t a football fan though, given the lack of the Patriots logo


Actually he is a rabid Pat’s fan, and I cut another coaster with that later. :wink:


We are all diehard cubs fans here and I can’t wait to have all the swag around the house once we get our GF. Nice touch with the change of “colors” by using a different power. Looks like I will be making lots of swatches because I love the look of different gradients on wood!


I just uploaded the image as is, the machine decided the power according to the colors apparently. I made no adjustment. :sunglasses:


I’ll just relay from my entire in-laws :

I’m a habs fan, so see you next round.