Nespresso Vertuo Pod Holder

Finally got around to making a design that I started long before my first GF arrived. :blush:


It holds two sleeves of Nespresso Vertuo pods (but could easily be re-scaled for the small ones) and uses 4 neodymium magnets to mount it on the side of my fridge. I cut this one from locally-sourced scrap acrylic, but could be made from any material(s) that strike your fancy.

Pod Wall v2

Base: Set black and green to cut.
Top: Set black, red, and blue to cut.

Use the squares (stacked as needed if using thin materials) to create the required spacers.


Standard Reminder: You are welcome to use this pattern for personal use only! You may not post these files anywhere else, including Facebook, Etsy, or eBay, nor may you sell physical copies of this design.


Neat - sadly our fridge isn’t magnetic :frowning:
Hmmmm - if you did a wide circle at both ends you could do a FIFO system…which if you drink coffee frequently isn’t an issue, but we sometimes have pods around for months and months!


Simple work-around – skip the green circles and use these in the corners instead:

I use one pod a day, so LIFO works for me. :wink:


Sleek design! :sunglasses: :+1:

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just the front isn’t or the whole thing? the front of my fridge isn’t, but part of the side is exposed to the counter next to it, and the sides of my fridge aren’t SS.


Yes sadly. Non-magnetic SS on the front and non-magnetic black plastic on the side :frowning: There are a few spots that are magnetic where, I’m guessing, support bars cross behind the plastic

Same idea, but this holds 8 boxes (We like variety!). Love the design!!!

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Love those practical designs!

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then my six-year-old wouldn’t be able to reach them to make me coffee! :slight_smile: unless it is mounted to a lower cabinet…
Eventually I will make an under the counter box sleeve holder. Because I probably could be responsible enough to throw a box into a box! we have the older pods. I dig your design.


Good job!

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Thanks for sharing.

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Clever design!

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Thanks for posting the file. Is it possible to share as a PDF? I saved this and opened it in Inkscape and it is 3x the size. I can open it directly in Glowforge Dashboard, but was hoping to add some wording. Thanks

Sure – here you go…

vertuo final.pdf (51.4 KB)

Thank you!! Thanks for the quick response as well!

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Another mounting idea: While I’ll need to verify the available space; I’m thinking of cutting small holes in the corners and using screws to mount under the cabinets, just above my machine. Not the easiest way to see pod collection, but definitely saves space.

This is beautiful and so perfectly functional! Thank you for sharing this!!