Nest "S" Ear Saver Hooks

-EDIT: Yay, I finally learned something in Inkscape! :slight_smile:

Hello! I made a simple “S” for some ear savers and asking the community for help! I want to minimize the amount of waste - if someone could help me nest them that would be amazing! By nesting I mean have them inside each other, if that’s even possible! Right now I just stack them next to each other with the lines touching.

What software do you use?

this was used w/ inkscape

I haven’t tried this program myself but it looks promising:

is there something about the one you designed that you like in particular? there are a number of S style clips that have been designed and shared here and other places that are already nested.

i actually like this double S design that nests well and is adjustable, if you prefer that style.

mask_s_hook.pdf (386.6 KB)


i can’t vouch for how well this one cuts, but i had downloaded it a couple of weeks ago and it has 63 S hooks nested. honestly, the “S” style, in pure form, does not nest as efficiently as most of the other hook styles do.

s-hook–3 inches-63nested.pdf (134.5 KB)


Deepnest is reasonably good at fitting a bunch of arbitrary shapes into a small space. It is pretty terrible at something like this, where there’s a repeating geometrical pattern. It won’t discover that and will spend hours turning every copy at a different angle.

With this kind of design, the thing to do is figure out how to create a tiling shape and just copy and paste it. I asked about the software because I only know how to do that in Illustrator. It also might require a slight tweak to the shape, because you obviously want to fit the tails of one S into the gaps in the other ones.

Using a design that’s already tiled is probably the best idea, but I thought this was asked partly as a “how do you do this” sort of exercise.


fair point. there are plenty of times that you do things yourself just to do things yourself and learn.

This s-hook design’s been optimized to be both nested and eliminating doubled up lines. Perhaps it would work for you?

Thank you! This is about how many I can on my sheet, too.
I personally don’t like the double S hooks and of the people I asked, they want the single S design.

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Thanks Chris! I tried my hand at a different design and just gave up and went back to the regular S

Good to know. I haven’t run across a scenario yet where I needed to try it.

no worries, just pointing out some other options, just in case.

and yeah, unfortunately the big S shape limits how efficient you can be. you could potentially do some other options for shapes in the scrap areas that you can send to whoever you’re donating to as well, that uses your scrap better and gives them some other options in case someone wants something different.

in particular, if you’ve got some hair bands, i’ve made a bunch of these in my scrap areas.

Ear Anchor 1 inch long



I make those, too! At first, those were my favorite - as the size can be adjusted by the band. But after actually testing them… the slits are too small! I’d like to see them a little deeper, so it catches the band better. I also didn’t want spend additional $ on hair ties… or send them without the hair ties -not everyone has a hair tie! … So, I just made an S and it works! :slight_smile: Sometimes simpler is better (no fun)


S-hook-Blank-81.pdf (66.3 KB)
I finally learned something today in Inkscape :slight_smile:

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