Network Firewall TCP/UDP ports required?

anyone using their glowforge behind an enterprise grade firewall? i use a Cisco ASA at home (i’m a network engineer) and wondered if anyone has had any issues getting the thing running from behind one?

my initial setup last night was a bit difficult and i thought i might have to open up my ASA to let the glowforge out to the web. i had trouble getting it onto my wifi and setup a second SSID but still behind the ASA and it was finally able to get out to the web.

i haven’t had a chance to run a packet trace yet but wondered if anyone else has has any network trouble (outside of wifi range, band etc). i did a quick search of the forums but didn’t fine a whole lot. any info i discover i’ll update to this thread.


I think as long as you’re not blocking any outgoing traffic you should be ok.

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It appears to only use HTTPS, so as long as that isn’t being blocked, you shouldn’t have any problems.

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It also wants NTP at least on startup. I have a bunch of packet captures but I’m away from home for a while.

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yeah i just ran one, saw DNS, NTP and HTTPS and that’s about it… so i guess my initial trouble was purely with my primary SSID and not the firewall… good to know. thanks everyone.

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and found the answer to my other question i sent to support, how to force the glowforge to go back to broadcasting its setup SSID so i can try changing back to my standard network.

turn off,
wait 5 count (capacitors, electric pixies, yada-yada)
turn on,
hold button for 10 count,
light turns teal (i’m colorblind but oh well). should send out setup network again…


I’m glad you were able to find what you needed.

Please post a new topic if you have any more questions.