Never Received Inventables Gift Certificate

Just want to say how awesome the Glowforge is! I am so glad I held on! You all did a fantastics job. One question, I have checked my spam folder and other possible hiding spots, but I can’t seem to find an email containing the Inventables gift certificate. Anyone from GF around to help? Thanks so much!

If you look on the email that says

Your Proofgrade materials are on their way!

You will note a unique code

Here is your very own $50 Inventables gift code. Remember not to share it with anyone else, as it can only be used once!


It expires July, 2018. To use your gift, put the items you want to purchase into your cart, and then click the blue “Use a gift certificate” button on the Shopping Cart page.


Never received that email. I received email about the GF itself shipping. I have checked all spam folders but nada…

Send a message to support they will I’m sure hook you up with a new code.


Opening a ticket here in P & S is the same as emailing Support. Since this involves a unique code, they will respond directly to the OP with a PM or e-mail, not openly.

Thanks for reaching out @mbparks. We’ve followed up to your email with your unique Inventables code!