New air in tube, potential problem?

Been running this for a few weeks and has been great. Noticed today that bubbles are back in the tube 36min into a new print.

What would cause them to come back after not seeing since the original start up?

Anything to be concerned with or really no different than when I started it for the first time?

Operating it with some bubbles won’t hurt, just keep an eye on it as that is the coolant for the laser tube it encloses. It’s supposed to be a closed system and and leak should be obvious. Support will likely need to weigh in, in previous cases the threads were closed as an email had also been sent.


I experienced the same issue after a couple of months of receiving my Pro. There were more and more bubbles in the machine each time I powered it on and was told that this was “normal”. I then started hearing a rushing sound like coolant was being forced through the tube and lots of bubbles every time machine was powered on.

My advice is to keep accurate records and log what you are experiencing and take video. I’ve just been told my unit needs to be replaced…they offered a REFURBISHED unit.

I’m so sorry to hear that you’re running into trouble. When you notice the bubbles inside of the laser tube, are you also experiencing extended print times due to the “Cooling Down” phase being increased?

Would it be possible to send over a recording of the bubbles you’re seeing inside of the tube? Once we can review the video, we’ll send over the next best steps.

I would think I could, the bubbles did clear some after leaving it on but not printing for an additional 1/2hr.

As for run times, I’ve not seen anything suggesting a longer wait for cool downs. It has been very sluggish to start a print as of this week. It can take significantly longer to start a print and do the focusing routine before the button lights up. I thought perhaps this was slow internet or something.

About 20min after I noticed and left it running idle.

When I first noticed.

Well it’s now gone again after running for a few minutes today. If it comes back I’ll pay closer attention.

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Thank you for the update that you’re back up and printing! I’m going to close this thread for now.

If you do run into the same trouble again, will you please capture a video for us? You can either post it in a new topic, or email it to us at and we’ll be happy to take a look.