New and and tricks for day 1

Good Morning All,
So I finally received my Glowforge and I am over the moon excited to put this thing to work…however I am a little more anxious and ready to dive in than educated on this topic. What tips and tricks could be helpful along with any quick do’s and don’ts…I have the basic model not the pro, I am remotely competent with technology so let me have as much knowledge as you all can spare! All the art and work I’ve seen so far is amazing and I want to learn to be like you all!

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Hey welcome to the forum!

So unfortunately (or not depending on how much you like to read) there’s not a magic shortcut list. There are great guides to getting started which can get you pointed in the right direction, but when it comes down to it you’ll just pick things up as you go.

Like say your first idea is to make coasters. Well search the forum for “coasters” to see what’s been done and pick up tricks. Done with your coaster project and want to engrave a photo? Search for “engraving photo” and read read read, it’s a hugely deep topic and you’ll be amazed at the variety of ways to skin that cat.

Don’t know what project to try first? There’s an entire section called tips and tricks, just browse it and read anything that looks interesting!

Anyway, you’re in for a fun learning curve. Just take each challenge as it comes and you’ll be making all kinds of stuff in no time.

Here’s a good getting started post:

We can’t wait to see what you make :slight_smile:


My number one piece of advice is DO THE FIRST PRINTS TUTORIALS! So many of the questions on eternal repeat here and in the FB groups are answered in there!

I’m usually the WORST when it comes to just jumping in with both feet, but I spent so much money on this thing, and waited so long to get it (I was one of the Founders), that I was determined to do it right, and took the time to go through the tutorials when they were suggested at the end of the setup process. It saved me from a whole lot of the grief and frustration that I see so many new users going through. :slight_smile:


Agreed, which is why my first link leads to Jules talking about the tutorials too.

“Always listen to @geek2nurse” is my number two piece of advice.


Don’t cut vinyl.
Do read the Tips and Tricks section of the forum.
Do the tutorials.
Test your settings before launching a big project.
Have fun and share your experiences here in the forum so others learn from you.


Yikes, now I feel like I have to be all responsible and stuff! :grimacing:


Heh heh. My problem is that I had a Glowforge long before there was any online help and tutorials. Or at least very minimal. So I never thought to look back there for the longest time, and when I did was amazed at how much they added. I really should read the whole thing from start to finish, would probably pick up lots of tips.


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