New and need some advice / tips

Hi! I am completely new to Glowforge. I purchased it to add to my already too full craft room😁
I am wanting to make some cuts and engravings on acrylic I purchased on Amazon. I double checked and researched multiple times to make sure it has been used and does get used by Glowforge owners!
My problem is I have almost felt like I am over my head… I am not very tech savvy. Slowly I have been teaching myself InkScape. I am also slowly learning how to use my super awesome powerful machine✨
So my question (finally to the point) What is a good manual setting for 1\4 clear acrylic? And honestly any tips to help this old dog learn new tricks would be much appreciative. Thanks!


Easy peasy…just use the Thick Acrylic Proofgrade settings. (Acrylic is pretty much all the same.) :slightly_smiling_face:


Groovy! Thank you!

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You can quickly and accurately test any material with this method:

As for “acrylic is pretty much all the same”, that’s fairly true, but it does vary a bit. Testing is the only way to be sure.


And Cast Acrylic is different than Extruded. GF PG Acrylic is Cast. It cuts cleanly and engraves leaving a white frosty result.

Extruded is a little more brittle and does not have a good frosty engrave - you can see engraves but they’re more clear (or material colored) than the white of Cast.

Cast costs about 10% more but it’s almost all I use.


Time to break out the cast vs extruded acrylic picture again:



That’s the best contrast in extruded engraving I’ve ever seen. Mostly they’re not half that good.

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