New Aura - Lid Open Issue

I got an Aura for Christmas and just purchased the filter. I set everything up today and can’t get it to read materials or cut anything. It says the lid is open. I’ve restarted, leveled, and checked the alignment of the lid with no success. As a new owner, this is hugely disappointing. I’m hoping its a simple solution… but nothing I’ve done has helped.

There was a small hole in the box and I see a scratch where indicated in the photo, but otherwise all looks good with the lid etc.

Screen Shot 2024-01-04 at 5.40.43 PM

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I understand how frustrating it is to get ready to enjoy a new machine only to get stymied before you start. I don’t have the Aura, but if it is similar to the other Glowforge printer I suggest turning the machine off, removing the honeycomb tray, looking for any stray item that might be in the crevise of the door and checking that the Aura is on a flat surface - this is different than level. Close the front door securely as well as the lid and turn the machine back on without the tray.

The phone number for support is [ 1 (855) 338- 2122


Thanks for the reply! The Aura does not appear to have an on / off button but I unplugged it to follow the steps. I even went as far as to power cycle everything including my router. Nothing in the machine or in the door track.

Its supposed to eventually go into low-power mode but it just sits there with the LED light on. I submitted a support ticket but I may try calling Glowforge tomorrow. Thanks for posting the number too!


I emailed support and heard back right away. They are going to replace the machine once I send this one back. I figure I am a couple of weeks out from using my machine but I am wondering what other Aura users think of their machines. Right now I have a bit of buyer’s remorse so it would be great to hear some success stories.

My timeline so far.

  • I got the Aura for Christmas and purchased the filter from Michael’s so I could print without venting.

  • I waited for the filter to come before trying out the Aura.

  • Meanwhile, I am trying to trade in my Cricut cutting machine for a $200.00 credit. This machine has worked flawlessly since I got it I might add. I’ve been approved to trade it and I now have a unique barcode to send it in with but I have never received a shipping label. I started this process a week or so ago so I am hopeful the shipping label will arrive soon.

  • In the meantime, I thought I would get the essentials bundle for two reasons. (1) It comes with a variety of materials and (2) you get a $50 design credit.

  • I set everything up when it arrived. As part of the setup, they ask you to sign up for a subscription. (This is before I knew it was not working). I agreed to the $239.00 yearly subscription when my trial ends.

  • I went through the tutorial but was not able to print anything because of the above error message

  • While I wait for my machine replacement I thought I would select my designs using the $50.00 credit.
    I have really been wanting to print this.

Turns out the $50.00 credit will not work for this design only for stuff at this link (guess I should have read the fine print prior to getting the essentials pack)

Fair enough. I picked some designs to use the credit on (most of them show as free because I am on the premium trial though) and I paid for the retro camper because I like it. This camper is on the side of the Glowforge Aura box which is how I first saw it.

So I now have a few items in my designs to try out when I get a replacement machine.

One thing I just noticed though. It says this retro camper is for Performance Series Printers only…but

This design is literally on the side of my Aura box. Has anyone had success printing it with the Aura?

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I see no reason that should be Performance only, except that it’s laid out for a 12x20 piece of material rather than 12x12. They’re markings in the catalog are really doing terrible service both for them, and their designers! I’m going to send a note off to see if someone there will take a look at that particular marking (Performance Series printers only).


That design’s recommended material “medium maple plywood” has an MDF core, which can gunk up the Aura’s print head fan to the point that they recommend not cutting it in an Aura at all. The “light maple plywood” should be a workable substitute, but anything that connects via slots and tabs might be a bit loose and require some glue, since the light plywood is a fraction of an inch thinner than the medium plywood. Other than that, you’d just have to split the design across two 12x12" pieces instead of one 12x20" piece.


I have cut that design (on a Performance Series printer) and it is super cute—you will enjoy it. Just be aware that when you do cut it, it will take a long time due to the lower power of the Aura compared to the higher powered machines. Another thing to be aware of is that when cutting wood especially, the rails on the Aura can accumulate wood residue that can cause skipping of the head. So frequent cleaning of the rails with an alcohol wipe is recommended.

I have both the Aura and a Glowforge Pro, so I tend to cut woods and thicker materials on my Pro due to the speed. But I’m loving the Aura especially for paper and HTV, and it’s set up in a location that is much more convenient for me. I run the whole thing from an iPad.


Sent my Aura back on 1/10/24 and still waiting for a replacement. Weather interruptions with the delivery I suppose. It also took about a week to troubleshoot and send me a return shipping label.

When you have a brand new item that was just under $1000 and it’s defective right out of the box it would be nice to get a replacement shipped right away. I would have been more than willing to secure the replacement with my credit card. Just a thought if Glowforge is checking out our posts. I got it for Christmas and will have at least another week or week and a half to wait and that is if they actually ship it out when they get my return. Fingers crossed that the replacement does not immediately have a Lid Open issue like my original one.

Glowforge support does not participate in the forum.

I hope your replacement arrives soon and is perfect.


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