New Aura not cutting thru Proofgrade material and out of alignment

So brand new Aura is now not cutting thru on Proofgrade materials- anyone else having an issue with this? Also how do you fix out of alignment issues- in reviewing the threads and Glowforge website- the same fixes are not applicable to Aura-


Not sure to what you’re referring when you say out of alignment. Can you post some pictures…or describe a little better? Also, Aura won’t cut ALL proofgrade materials…only a certain group that are set up for that. What have you been trying to cut…thickness? (the new Aura proofgrade), color, etc?


If you continue to have issues cutting through on Proofgrade, please reach out to our Support team at We want to make sure you have the best experience especially using our Proofgrade materials!

I’m having the same problem except my Aura weirdly cut through a few times on the sheet during a job and then stopped cutting the remaining items in the job.

Have you written into our support team at Please contact them if you are still having issues. Thank you!

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