New Aura Owner


just got a aura, as im reading around and researching materials im beginning to think i made the bad decision on purchasing this model. I primarily got it to cut acrylic 1/8in. I see the product here for sale is very limited. Can anyone point me in the right direction for getting a hold of 1/8in acrylic that the aura diode laser is able to cut?

Welcome to the forum.

There are so many acrylic vendors and they all sell acrylic the Aura can cut. The limiting factor for diode lasers is the color of the acrylic. The Aura cannot cut clear, white, blue, mirrored acrylic, some glitter acrylic and certain transparent colors… It can cut black, green, red, purple…you get the idea. There are national vendors like Johnson Plastics Plus, Tap Plastics, estreet Plastic, to name a few. There are smaller vendors like GS2 Awards and Smokey Hill Supplies. There are also many Etsy/online vendors like Houston Acrylics, Cerulean Tides, Little Sweet Pea Designs, CraftCloset.
The list goes on and on.


If 1/8” acrylic is what you plan to cut most, the Aura is not ideal. Besides the limited color selection that @dklgood pointed out, PG Eco Thin 1/16” thick takes at least two passes. So 1/8” will likely take 4-6 passes making the process very slow and prone to potential mid-registration errors.

The larger Pro and Plus models, on the other hand, are spectacularly good at cutting 1/8” acrylic of all colors in a single pass at much higher speed.


I have had good results cutting 1/8" acrylic with Proofgrade settings for the eco thin. For example, I cut 1/8" black acrylic at 15/10/2 and got a nice clean edge. I was unable, however, to cut pink acrylic no matter what the setting.