New Badge for Makerfaire Orlando 2019

Off to makerfaire this morning. Made a new referral code badge using acrylic and epaper.

Hope to see you there!


Was really hoping to go. Unfortunately family got in the way :frowning:

Ooooo, I wanna know more about that epaper! Do tell!



How much of the electronics for that are in the badge itself? A rough description of the parts, if you don’t mind sharing maybe?

Here is some more info. I was programming and creating the case last night. It is an ESP8266 wifi module with 2.9 epaper screen 5 way tactile switch and rechargeable lithium coin cell. I had most of the parts at home, but this unit I happen to buy from a exhibitor yesterday and came back with an upgrade badge.

They have a new version that they were showing off and selling at the show. So wait and get a new version. Mention me and they might honor the show special or maybe thrown in a battery.

@evermorian I am not sure you could build it and cheaper as a one off. They have the schematic and BOM on their github page.


Here is an alternate screen I added.



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