New Badges?


I just had this pop up, dont remember seeing it before:

Along with these:



Must be new, it says mine was granted back in July


BTW Bravo to you Devotee few.

Take a day off will ya? :upside_down_face:


Apparently I earned the Aficionado badge back in April. (But obviously it wasn’t actually awarded until just now.)


I took a two week vacation in Canada last month so I only got “Aficionado.”


I just earned Aficionado and it says it’s from Jan '16. So yeah…definitely retroactive. :wink:


Looks like I need to get a life. Apparently I earned the Devotee badge in Nov of 2016.


Oh cool! We ought to throw a party. I like the odds. :smile:

I also apparently need to…



That’s no excuse! I also just returned from vacation in Canada. We had a wonderful time on Vancouver Island! Here are a few of my photos:


Not sure if I should be proud or deeply ashamed.
Perfect attendance.


Right behind ya lol. I probably left my browser open the whole time


It’s interesting to see that several of the 15 in the Devotee category are relatively unfamiliar. Speak up!


Oh, no. We may have some Dr Evils lurking underground, patiently awaiting their opportunity to use their lasers to take over the world


I really hope they don’t introduce a keyboard Warrior badge!


I see two that are unfamiliar.


Spend a couple days each year in no cell zones. A badge I will never see.


The radio-free zones in WV?


That and rural areas where technology doesn’t reach.




Woohoo… I got them too!

@CharlesDarwin- I was there in the spring (and obviously logged on every day as my badge was July). Luckily we planned our kayaking on the only sunny day. We did the lighthouse loop in a downpour. Still loved it though.