New black cable installed

I HAVE ALREADY SUBMITTED VIDEO TO SUPPORT, but want to know what could be all the crunching noise I am hearing.

Replaced the black cable, it started centering and horrible noises started, paused and then noises. Got an alert head bumped into something, but there was nothing there. Any suggestions that I can implement?

Is it possible you bumped the head plate off during the cable install? With the machine off, does the head move left and right easily?

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yes, it moves smoothly left and right, and toward from of machine

and now I am getting perpetual lid is open message

I’ve never heard it described as “crunching noises” before. There can be a fairly loud grinding noise when the stepper motors slip, which is scary, but harmless.

Without hearing it, I can’t say for sure.

What you want to do is:
First, don’t ever move the head by hand once the machine is turned on. It displaces where the head thinks it is, and that will cause it to bang into things and the steppers to slip when it can’t move.

Second - TURN OFF THE MACHINE. Move the head by hand back to the home position at the left rear of the machine. Then turn the power back on and let the machine finish it’s start up calibration completely before sending it any commands.

If you’re still hearing crunching or grinding noises after that, turn it off and wait to hear from support.


I have followed your suggestions. Have turned off, checked movement, started up. Have video of the noises sent to support. I guess I’m offline for awhile longer.

Is it still making the noises?

Cant say. With the lid open message, I cant get it to start the centering process. I checked the tracks and there was a small piece of debris. Could be what was causing the noise problem.

If it aint’ one thing, its another!

If the debris was making the noise, and it’s removed, try rebooting your router, the computer and the machine. Then turn it on and let it run through the startup calibration again.

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That’s suggestive of an issue caused when you replaced the black kid cable. I’d go back and check the connectors for bent pins and make sure it’s seated on both ends tightly - sometimes it looks okay but isn’t clicked in.


Thank you everyone. I am back up and running! the one end of the black cable must of been loose but worked initially - then lost its connection. Everything is good.


Thanks for the help everyone.

I’m glad you resolved it! I’m going to close this thread. If you run into any other trouble, please start a new topic, or email us at We’re here to help!