New box design

Continuing my productivity from the gloom. This one is a box within a box all 1/8 plywood. The outer box was cut and dyed with red Ultra dye and then an inner box was cut to line the inside so it forms a solid box.

The ultra dye is way thicker than I thought it would be (syrup) and probably needs an undercoat of some kind, but the color is really intense and eye catching.

My measurements were off on the inner box so it needed a bit of adjustment. The inner box comes up about an eight of an inch from the top and the lid just slots down inside it.

I can see making quite a few variations on this box design once I have the process down a bit better. The wide variety of screen designs available online and the crazy colors of the ultra dye make a really cool contrast. It would also be fun to do a contrasting dye on the inner box.

But right now, the sun is actually shining, so I am going for a walk. :slight_smile:


Great design and I love the color! :slightly_smiling_face:


Very nice! I love the sides and I like the way you did the handle too.


As the saying goes, “great minds think alike”. It seems we have both had the same idea! Wood and acrylic box

I love the color of this box…it’s really eye-catching. I get you with some measurement errors…my lid was supposed to sit down flush on the top and ended up sitting a big too high, even though it still fits. Nice work!


@Xabbess I like the wood and acrylic box a lot!

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Another nice design! I used to draw that design in grade school, how to draw curves with straight lines.v :sunglasses:

Enjoy the walk!


I sometimes worry that something I make will get lost or misplaced. I don’t think that will happen in that case :grin: I think that a coat of Gesso to smooth everything and hide the burn would make the undercoat you are looking for. Also doubling the lid also and having it overhang would make it flatter and even the look.


Thanks @rbtdanforth I have not worked with Gesso before. Does it completely hide the wood grain? Not saying that’s a deal breaker, just a different look. I have a second box with a similar design and I am working on an overhanging lid for that one. Just need to settle on a design I like.

Gesso is used specifically to hide or tamp down the texture of the material so if you want some grain you could thin it, but out of the box it gives a flat white surface.

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Cool. Nice to have options. I will give it a try.

Great color - nice design.

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This looks spectacular! I have all the Ultra Dyes ordered and simply can hardly wait!

You can add a bit of water to thin it, if too thick. I’ve seen that done to create an ombré effect. Just add a bit into a container to add the water. Test for the amount that seems suitable.


Which/whose Gesso product? There are many, from primers to textured to plain acrylic.

I picked up a bunch of ultra dye but am in need of a white with similar properties.

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Yes! pick the one you need. :grin:

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