New competition Boss laser
These are interesting, less money more power
60 watt laser
extra z space 8"
auto focus
4 way pass through
24 inch stand
2 year warranty
4th axis chuck (rotation)
standard fan and vent
All the above for same price or less than existing Glowforge.
optional fume extraction is extra
On site set up is available for purchase…
Wonder if Glowforge should auction off a “Dan does the setup” proceedes to go toward Glowforge for education :joy:


Anyone have experience with their software suite?

Note: this information may be incorrect or out of date.

Unless they’ve changed recently, Boss rebrands Gweike lasers ( Gweike makes solid machines that also sold under a ton of brand names including Full Spectrum (some but not all of their products), Voccell, laser-depot-usa, Hurricane Laser, Rabbit, and Automation. If you’re interested in any of the Gweike lasers, I’d price them from Gweike directly as well as the many folks who resell them in the US to decide which is right for you. Gweike will customize them extensively so each vendor may have different colors and/or attachments included, but the core hardware is the same.

The giant Chinese laser I used to have in my garage was made by Gweike - it’s a lot of hardware for the money!


come on… no comment on the auction charitable causes are important:joy:


I assume I’m missing the sarcasm. How are you coming up with a less-than-GF price? Once you go 60w, add the chiller & add the filter, it’s $6k+, plus tax & delivery (I got a quote from them for a different laser this spring and I think delivery was like $800 to California). That machine is pushing $8k all-in - potentially more if you are a Mac user.


I set one of those up once before… I don’t have two weeks to do it again. :slight_smile:


Almost all of the things you listed are extra cost options. Their basic model with no extras, meaning no 60w tube, no chiller, no stand, no 2 year warranty, etc. is just under $4000. Shipping estimate to my zip code was another $535. Check all the boxes and you’re over $14000 before shipping. In other words, you can’t get what you mentioned for less than the cost of a Glowforge.


I have been married for 47 years and have lived with exactly this sort of thing throughout.

We will buy Something, and my wife will study every ad for the next few weeks to see if we could have gotten it for a buck or two less. It is like an addiction and drives me nuts watching her.

We just got a new 2018 vehicle. Now she is mesmerized with all the sales.
I tell her the SALES are for 2017’s and we have an 18. Not the drone she is looking for, so move along.
Pretty weak in the force I suppose, because she does not stop.

Anyway, I am waiting on the GF and am not looking to see what brand X is doing.
Like 3D printing and some other endeavors though, when I have more laser cutting experience under my belt, I may be looking for something a little bigger or badder then what is on the work bench today.
So… Good to know that options exist.

TL:DR Glow Forge for now, but glad there is competition and other options available.


Not one of those - one of yours :slight_smile: Can’t we get a “send @dan to your house to set up your new Glowforge” option? Oh, you might want to suggest your favorite brew because there isn’t a lot of time or effort for setup so some amount of sitting around and drinking a beer would be involved in the @Dan does your setup option :smile:


That’s a capital idea! ROFL! :smile:
Not a beer though - need to sit around sipping one of those blue Glowfizzies. (Or whatever it was called.)

I’m laughing out loud at the idea of poor dan - having to wander the world consuming a few thousand beers. Success has it’s price. :star_struck:


Perhaps he could pull the label and that would be the first trace/print for his personal collection.


Nobody claimed the highest support level on the super troopers 2 indiegogo campaign. :thinking:


That kind of make it “not a laser”… Kind like buying a ferrari and delete-optioning the engine…

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I think it means that the 60w tube is an upgrade. standard you get a lower wattage tube.

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Yeah, the standard model is 50W, the 60W is an upgrade.

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Out of interest i contacted Boss soon after the link was posted to see what the story was.
@Dan is 100% right, they are essentially offering an upgraded Service Package for Chinese Lasers.

They said for Internationals that it was not such a good prospect because of the difficulty (time zone and US local telephone number support desk) getting in touch with them for support. Also shipping was going to be expensive.

Seem like nice people, gave honest opinions (i.e. we can send OS but probably not worth it for you) but they are definitely not in the same price bracket as Glowforge IMHO


Hi Dan,
Iwas kidding sort of and I actually meant the Glowforge. Just some fun for someone to meet the famous CEO of Glowforge.:joy:

do it again and match the glowforge parameters and it lower than the current retail.

interesting I went back and checked the same boxes checked and I get 5730 which is less than the ~6k for Glowforge.

I think more than a few of us that are waiting for our Glowforge have been looking for alternatives…but if a good alternative with the same features and price point has not presented itself yet…well the wait continues. In the meantime I will just shell out more money on my K40 hoping to get it reliable enough to not cringe every time I turn it on just to have a 4th axis.