New Exercise Regimen

We finally gained access to the underside of our rental, which has quite a bit of space. This led me to deciding to reorganise our at home office space, since now I can move the GF boxes down there. With that said, I can’t rearrange this tuff for more than 5mins without dripping buckets since the humidity is through the roof right now. I blocked my most viable exit so I’m unable to leave until this is done. Pray for me :pray:

In seriousness, I’m actually almost done, the table on the left of the picture used to be in the opposite corner where the glowforge is now, so they’ve swapped locations. I wish I had a pic of the room before, but alas, it is what it is.

Right, so if you’re looking to lose a pound or two, wait until high noon to start moving heavy stuff in your house around without AC. Bonus points if you live in high humidity :hot_face: The fan is nice, but only effective in its direct path.


I had nice, cool weather the day I got my Glowforge. I knew it was going to be heavy, but…my weightlifting days are over. 100 pounds is a lot heavier than it used to be.

The delivery man put the GF box on my handtruck, then I wheeled it into the garage, up two steps, then to the opposite end of teh house. Earlier in the day I had moved my heavy-duty table to a spot right by a window. I live alone, so it was me, myself and I getting the laser up on the table.

Unpacking the GF was something of a gymnastic exercise; I hadn’t read the entire manual at that point, so I went from end to the other figuring out how to open the box. I could lift one end of the GF, but not the whole thing at once. I wound up using an inclined plane and then levered it onto the table. I now have to rearrange the entire room, because it is not moving again!

Can’t wait for my gym to open back up.


Who needs a gym? Just move the Glowforge about :grin:
I made (and bought) several kinds of wheeled carts to move that kind of thing about, and also used the Glowforge to make a gadget so when something needs lifting off the floor, it had fingers that will reach, but the handle is 18 inches above that and much easier to lift on to a cart.

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I get an upper body workout every day I use the Glowforge. The previous owner of the house installed all new windows a few years before I bought it. I don’t think they ever opened that window. I have to climb on a table, and do an “opening elevator doors” maneuver to open the window. At end of day, I’ve got to climb up again and do a “squeezing the brains out of someone who wasn’t using their gray matter in the first place” movement.

That gadget is a great idea! I’m guessing you use plywood and laminate 5 or more pieces together? Did you originate that design; and…would you share it?


It is against the rules to ask but I already did share it…

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