New Feature - big time remaining clock

I would love a simple feature:

Click on the Time Remaining clock and a big window pops open and just says the time remaining.

I could see this from the other side of my shop.



That’s a good idea. In the meantime you might try using the browser zoom, control-plus (hit it a few times). Control-minus zooms back out and control-zero resets to 100% zoom.

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This is a good idea! I would recommend posting again in #problems-and-support, that will bring it to the attention of the Glowforge staff. This will let them put it in the hopper.


Interesting, You can also hit ctl and use the mousewheel to zoom in or out, and there will also be a popup to go back to 100%.

Plan 1-

Start the job. Note the time to finish

Pop new tab, go here:

Enter your time and hit go.

Plan 2-

“Hey Siri set timer for <however long the job will take>”

(Or ok google. Or whatever voice activated cellphone assistant you’ve got. Alexa might even work though I’m not sure if you can ask her how much time remains)

(Or manually enter the timer on your phone)

Plan 3-

Speaking of timers, you could buy a cheap cooking timer:

Wrenwane Digital Kitchen Timer, No Frills, Simple Operation, Big Digits, Loud Alarm, Magnetic Backing, Stand, White

Or a not so cheap huge one:

Huge Industrial Warehouse Cafeteria Gym Clock Stopwatch Countdown Timer 8 Inch Numbers Aluminum Frame with Full Function Remote Control … (Medium)

If you wear a Ironman watch or other multifunction watch, it probably has a countdown timer built in…

Plan 4-

Classroom timers are good for an hour which will cover most jobs…

Time Timer Original 12 inch; 60 Minute Visual Timer – Classroom Or Meeting Countdown Clock for Kids and Adults (Black)

They look classy too.

Plan 5:

This is the one that will take the longest and cost a bit. My guess is it’ll cost many hours (unless you already know how) and a fair bit of money, probably about $40 at the low end)

Get familiar with soldering and arduino and electrical power switching using DIY electronics. Buy a RTC module and learn how to interact with it. Code up or download a stopwatch sketch for arduino. Design and build giant led based 7 segment display. Post about it to the forum.

But yes it’d be nice if they brought back the big countdown.

EDIT: With an iphone, you can do this: “hey siri, how much time is left on the timer?” and she’ll (Or he’ll, depending on the voice you’re using) will verbally tell you how much longer. Hands free, we live in the future!


Oh hey are you using windows 10? Because it has a huge stopwatch application called “alarms and clock” built in, which you can make fullscreen. It’s pretty cool. You can actually make multiple timers at the same time.

Definitely does the trick.


But so much easier if it’s part of the APP, right? I think the point of the ask was “one click” to make it so…

I’d likely not use that, but it is a great idea!

See above, re:

The point wasn’t lost on me, I was just offering solutions that might actually work, instead of blindly waiting for Glowforge to do anything we ask for in the UI. They have an absolutely terrible record for doing anything in the UI that isn’t some edge case bug fixing or monetization (which yes, the things that speed up the UI1 are monetization, less server time = less spend on their part. Sure it’s good for us too, but [speculation alert] that isn’t why they did it.).

Soo, wait until you’re another 3 years older when maybe they’ll do it, or just pop open a stopwatch of some sort? I’ll take the stopwatch for now.

1 Not a random example, this is what got us here. They changed the ui to ditch the video visualization of the cut with the big timer, part of making it faster. They optimized something with pathfinding and display, and we lost out on the easy large visualization.

I thought the whole point was to have the timer pause when the job paused , and continue when the job continued. None or the many other mentioned timers would do this.

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Does that work now? My understanding was that it didn’t. And this OP was simply about visibility.

Offtopic: The pause action as it is now is pretty useless. I can’t figure out who it was aimed at… maybe “people who actually watch their engraves/cuts fulltime and need to step away”? Now, if the door could be opened, then it would be useful. but as it is now, not so much.

Yes, I imagine that pause is meant for the cases where you feel a fire is likely, and need to step away for a while.

If you are using the passthrough, you can pause and adjust positioning, but not with any degree of precision, so I don’t see that being at all useful.

For the timers, I didn’t know about the Clocks and Alarms, so that was cool to find. I was going to suggest downloading “ZoomIt” which is amazing for so very many things. It has tools to zoom in on the existing clock, or a feature to show a full screen clock with an audible sound at the end (not that you need more audio cue than the sudden lack of Glowforge fan noise).


When Puff was needing it last summer it was working for a while before it got cool enough that it did not stop to cool off. I have not seen it since or needed it.

At the moment when I was engraving Zebrawood, if a coal got started it could burn up the entire piece because each pass of the fire gave it new life. By hitting pause the air was cool and made the coal go out. So that was a way I found it very useful.


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