New filter cartridge

Hi, I’m wondering how do I get a replacement cartridge ordered? Mine is already going bad

You can order them through the Glowforge shop. They are listed under the Spare Parts Category.


Thank so much for the link. I can’t find it when I just look at the shop. Only materials are in there

Yeah, that one is unfortunately hidden in the little drop down arrow at the top…it’s not broken out into a separate heading. :slightly_smiling_face:

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And you are familiar with the ‘pre-filter’ to help your filter last longer, right? I don’t have a filter but I have heard this mentioned many, many times to extend the life.

I only have what it came with. I’m assuming the ‘pre-filter’ is built into the cartridge.

I hope someone in the know can weigh in on this?

Again, I don’t have one myself, but here is a post that mentions the pre-filter. Hopefully someone with more knowledge than me can answer any other questions you have.

Honeywell pre filter.