New GF Setting Request: "Inlay"



I’d like to see the GF team add a new setting to the UI for each of the Proofgrade woods (ply and hardwood): “Inlay” (or “Inlay Pocket”), which would automagically perform the engrave needed to make the top of any piece of PG veneer flush with the surface of the selected PG wood.

For example, once the GF has detected a sheet of Medium Cherry Hardwood, I’d like to be able to tell it to engrave a shape the perfect depth for PG Maple or Walnut veneer, and just know that the tops will all be even in the end…

Doesn’t need to work beyond official Proofgrade woods and veneers. If I’m working off-reservation I expect to run many, many tests to get this right, but PG-on-PG should be knowable. :innocent:

I’ve had three Glowforges since the end of March, and know that miracles are possible. Let get this hopperized and out to the end users – whaddaya say?!?



Not a bad idea. I knew at one point, but then the power settings got upgraded and I haven’t re-run them lately. :grinning:


Thanks for the suggestions about Proofgrade inlays! I’ll make sure the team gets them.