New GF User, Mario Dice Tower

Hi everyone, got my GF a couple weeks ago and although I got it partially for work, I’ve been doing lots of hobby stuff on it so far! Here is a 1/8" BB plywood Mario themed dice tower based on one of the designs in this thread:

Looking at the shelf tabs on the sides reminded me of classic arcade Donkey Kong so I decided to make it DK/Mario themed and integrate the tabs into the ‘levels’ :smiley: I will use the dice tower, but overall it was also meant to be a learning project. I wanted to play with inlays, so I made the star out of Padauk and inlayed it tightly (no glue). It’s crazy loud, so I plan on adding some felt or leather to the shelves and the bottom.

At some point I’ll probably make a second version with adjustments to finger joints and shelves to make them fit a bit better, and maybe do inlays of different woods for each of the characters surrounding the star. Enjoy!


Nice design. Very cool.



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This looks great!

They sell craft foam at places like Michael’s that’s already got adhesive on one side. It works wonderfully for these! Though keep in mind you don’t need to slide it all the way back in the tray, just to where the dice will hit (it makes the tray close better if it’s not all the way back - ask me how I know :stuck_out_tongue: )




Nice work on the inlay.

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Very cute … like the arrangement of the graphics … and love the inlay!

Thanks everyone, I definitely had fun making it!