New GF Workbench Option at Ikea



Just saw this new workbench at IKEA. Looks like a great GF table size for people who like open storage. It’s $149.


You know, when I was looking, there was someone who popped up shouting “No Ikea!” like Edna from The Incredibles. Something about their benches being wobbly. I’m not sure if that still applies, but I would definitely check it out in person first.


Hah. This is brand new, so I can’t say, but I definitely agree that it’s best to check out furniture in person before you buy it. I have quite a few pieces from IKEA and most of them are sturdy. Haven’t tried any of the work benches, though. I want closed storage, so this wouldn’t work for me , but I’ll see if there’s a display next time I’m there and shake it!


i would always check out in advance first as well, but it really depends on what you’re buying there. i have an old buffet that i bought 25-30 years ago that is solid as a rock and still standing. 4 drawers, two sets of doors below with shelves. i’d need a few whacks with a sledgehammer to get that thing out of kilter.


The real truth is, Ikea furniture is only as good as it’s put together and how well it’s treated. If you follow the directions and don’t try to use it out of it’s context, it generally lasts years. I don’t get people’s issues with Ikea, but then I remember how rough people are on things and how they can’t put things together at all.


For the sake of clarity, I freaking adore Ikea and have never had an issue with any of their builds.

The feedback I had previously been given was on their workbenches specifically. Since no one has seen any of these new ones in person, I was suggesting checking it for wobbly-ness.


i think that’s legit. not everything is built for the same level of stability.


There is open and then there are richly carved doors and sides made on the Glowforge :smile:


IKEA sells a wide range of products at many different price points. There is a lot of cheap flimsy stuff there to be sure, but they also make some pretty sturdy stuff. It just costs a lot more. But they probably sell a lot more flimsy $25 tables than sturdy $200 tables, so they end up with a reputation for the cheap stuff.


From their website: “For maximum quality, re-tighten the screws about two weeks after assembly.”

I bet a lot of people never see that, which leads to wobbly stuff over time. Depending on how everything is fastened, I can see how that design could be a bit wobbly. I tend to modify my workbenches, though, so that’s an easy design to fix with a simple cross brace on the back.


I didn’t mean to make it sound like you trash talked IKEA, I was talking more generally about people’s
preconceived notions of IKEA.


Open workbench designs like that are difficult to make rigid no matter how they’re put together. That’s why I went with something that had a drawer unit under at least part of it.


Cross bracing is usually needed for any type of framed unit to keep it stable… Fortunately lots of cheap ways to add those–including from IKEA, sold w/ their 2x2 wood shelf systems (forget the name), but you get the uprights & different width of shelfs that snap onto the pins you fit in the holes in the uprights–great system for many uses, not best for the GF, but the metal cross braces for those can be used on anything you can drill into to minimize it from wobbling!