New GlowForge and it's jumping on the table

I have a two week old GlowForge Basic. It cut and ran fine when I turned it off several days ago. Today I started it and after a few minutes it started to jump and make a weird jerking/thumping noise. When I pulled the laser carriage forward it sounds crunchy. I checked all the tracks and nothing is in them.

I suggest that you inspect all of the wheels for cracks. Inspect the rails for debris (like little bits of masking) and inspect the belts for debris. If everything seems clean, remove everything from the honeycomb tray and position the printhead directly below the lid camera before turning the machine back on. What happens?


The other common issue happened to me a couple weeks ago and the fix was just cleaning the lid camera. I had only used it a week since the last cleaning, and the camera wasn’t all that dirty. But enough evidently. Same deal, it was working fine when I turned it off a few days earlier. But on next turn on, the carriage ran into the side and was making awful noises.


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