"New" Glowforge but someone else is listed as the Owner

My sister was sent a “new” Glowforge after sending her’s back in. But when trying to share access, her account shows the machine lists someone else’s email as the Owner. She’s listed as a user and can’t share access.

  1. Not cool possibly presenting a refurbished unit as new.
  2. Is there a way to reset ownership so she can share access?

The machines are tested before being shipped. It is possible this is a Glowforge account. It has happened before. She must contact Glowforge support.


Who was it registered to / what was the machine name. We are always curious when our machines are reincarnated!

That seems like a huge privacy concern, right?
To have someone else’s private email and machine name.

Oh, I just meant machine nickname. True I wouldn’t want my email posted!

When there are returns, they are replaced with refurbished machines. The majority of cases these are other returned machines. You could wait months till your specific machine was repaired and tested, or send out one that is already inspected and tested. I have found refurbished machines even better than new as they cannot invent tests with the creativity of a new owner who will test them in ways nobody ever thought of.

Tying the machine to the new owner is a relatively simple process. If your sister can respond by replying to the last email from a person it can be fixed very quickly.

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