New Glowforge not cutting through material

I have two glowforges. The new one (about a month old) stopped cutting through materials yesterday. I am using the same settings as always and currently I’m cutting acrylic. I’ve tested the sheet in my old glowforge and it cut through, will not cut through in my new one. It is 1/4 acrylic and I have ALWAYS used proofgrade medium clear acrylic settings. I have cleaned all the lenses and fans.

I’m not sure what to do. I played with different settings but none are cutting through the material. I know this isn’t a material issue. I don’t know what else to try to fix this.

Likely a failed power supply or tube.

You need to print the Gift of Good Measure on the medium draftboard provided for testing, and post pics of the front and back. Note the time/timezone, support can check the logs, and will replace the machine if deemed necessary.

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Well as going through and cleaning, again - the wheel that holds the pulley on the carriage plate broke. We got it back on and the pulley attached but it is extremely tight now and the laser head wont move. I didn’t get a chance to do a cut of the gift of good measure before this happened. I have submitted a support ticket.

Posting here opens a support ticket, so now you have two, but they will now close this and continue to work via email.

We were able to get the wheel to stay on and get the carriage plate back, printing the gift of good measure now.

I printed gift of good measure approx 9:10 Pm 8/9/2020 - it did not cut through. All fans, lenses are clean.

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I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.