New Glowforge Not Working

My new Glowforge Basic just got delivered and it does not work. I have cleaned everything with no luck and none of the lenses or mirrors are damaged. It powers on and the arm moves but it does not cut, score or engrave. I have tried to print The Gift of Good Measure on multiple materials that come with the Glowforge and nothing works. I don’t see the laser coming down. I have done the troubleshooting and I have emailed customer service twice and have not heard anything back. I’m hoping this gets resolved soon or someone can help.

Sounds like it has a failed power supply or tube, and the machine will have to be replaced.

It’s been known to happen, due to the way shipping companies handle these delicate machines. They are all tested before being boxed up to be shipped.


Oh I see. Thank you for the response.

The laser itself is in the Infra-red so nobody has eyes that can see it. Brand new there should be nothing to clean. If you cleaned it by spraying anything there are several places that a liquid could let the magic smoke out. There are a couple of places that the crud can be very light but it still need cleaning but in general it has to have been working first.

If you would post a photo of your computer screen at the time it says to push the button on the computer one of the other owners here might spot something. The company Support folks do not monitor this site.


Make sure you have assigned a cut level to the parts and that they are high lighted or it wont work. If you could send a picture of the software as your attempting to cut might help.

Also does the unit go thru the Centering process once it online .?


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