New Glowforge Plus Camera is blurry

Just got our new GFP online and the image is very blurry. I see many posts about this, but a moderator said to start a new one if we experience this in our unit.

So here it is!


A screenshot of the UI with material in it helps.

Is it reading the QR codes on material?

I have cleaned the head with the cleaner supplied.

Did it automatically identify the material?

It looks like your image is really over-exposed. Do you have a bright light or window with a lot of light shining into the machine?

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here is with the lights out. It did not recognize the material at first, but did after a few refocus’s

also, my crumb tray does not seem to sit flush in the bottom of the unit, it wobbles . . .

First I would remove the crumb tray and ensure no debris is in the dimples that register the tray.
If they are clean, lay the tray on a known flat surface to check if it is bent or warped.

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What I noticed actually was the alignment. The crumbtray not being down in the divots could cause the alignment to be off to that degree.

There are some divots in the bottom of the case - make sure the feet of the crumbtray are seated in that. The solid black portion of the crumbtray should go to the rear of the machine, as well.


the crumb tray is warped, I have it on a level surface and it rocks on opposite corners . . .

I extracted the logs from your Glowforge, and it appears the camera is performing within what we expect right now. As we make improvements to the software, I expect you to see further improvements to your camera’s performance.

With regards to your alignment and crumb tray issue, I am recommending we send you a new crumb tray. I will be in touch via email to sort out the details.